The training camp edge

When I was a football player, summer was the time to train hard and get
ready for the season.  Starting in high school my friends and I would
train year round, but we took it to another level during the summer

We’d hit the gym everyday, start eating for size, and gear up for
summer training camp.  

When college rolled around these training periods became even more
focused.  Teammates all living in the same house with the focus on
training, eating, sleeping, and the occasional wrestling match! (We
never got a security deposit back!)

Those were some of the best days. The reason being was that there was a
clarity of focus and a real goal.  A mission!

We trained all the time – but in the summer for that 10 week stretch it
was different. It was simple get ready, or get smoked!

For regular general fitness enthusiasts like us (even if I hate to admit
that), who live in the tristate the winter/holiday season is our
off-season.  Then the weather starts getting nice and we start thinking
about getting ready for summer (Pre-Season), summer comes, and we work
hard but also play hard (In-Season).  Get the idea?

The best way to get great results is to be consistent as possible all
year-round but have 1-3 focus periods where you hit the reset button and
dial everything in for a period of time.  How long?  Well that depends
on how good or bad you were in the off-season.  

Most people can see significant change in 4-12 weeks depending on a few
factors like current fitness, body type, exercise frequency and
intensity, and their diet.  

I’ve used this idea of the “training camp” most of my life.  It gives
me something to look forward to and a clarity of focused training.

How can you use this “training camp” mentality?
* Pick a Start and End Date

* Pick Some Goals.

* Sign up for a test of fitness.

* Tell Your friends and family so you’re accountable.

* Get to work.

It’s that simple…There’s never a bad time to start.  Pick a 5k, a
challenging hike, run a sprint triathlon, cut our fried food and beer
for 30 days.

Make a commitment to yourself and channel the focus!

If you need some accountability with your training and nutrition plan
hit the link here .  

Dedicated to your success,

– Dan Goodman


P.S.  The Manitou Incline was one of my goals from last year.  It was
tough but super rewarding, check it out.

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