I highly recommend Varsity House and Kat. Looking forward to getting stronger and fit!
Kat and Juwan our coaches have brought us to another level that we have never seen in just a few weeks.
It’s a positive and supportive training environment. Ridgewood is lucky to have this gym and we are blessed to have Kat.

Dr. Nathan H.

I’m very happy with my progress! If you’re considering your won fitness journey, I highly recommend to give them a try!
Since joining it has been awesome to see my progression! I’m just really proud of the progession that I’ve made!
Highly recommend VH for anyone no matter where you are in your health Journey!

Christine E.

The workouts are never boring and the coaches have been nothing but supportive.

Chris Lauver

“I have seen an increase in my energy level and the quality of my sleep. It’s easier to keep up with my children and the workouts are a GREAT stress reliever! In general, I just feel better and losing the extra weight has been a nice perk too.”
“Varsity house is at the forefront of functional fitness! Founded on the principles of teaching athletes and adults to become better at all aspects of their lives. The staff and trainers are amazing and professional. Absolutely amazing!”
“I’m the fittest I’ve ever been at 40! Thank you Varsity House.”
“Varsity house has me feeling the strongest and fittest I have ever been.”
“I made every excuse in the book to ignore my fitness. Varsity House gave me the tools to get my life back so I can be a better dad and husband.”
“I was never a gym person, but Varsity House changed my mind. I absolutely love going! The coaches, trainers and the staff are the best. It’s a big family and everyone helps each other. I feel stronger, leaner, and have more energy than ever before! Thank you Varsity House for being YOU!.”

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