What to do about horrible back pain

It’s pathetic to admit but for a few weeks I couldn’t bend over to tie
my shoes. Seriously, Dana had to help me with this task every morning.

Couldn’t get on the ground to play with my son, Chase.

Had trouble sleeping.

Years of football catching up? Maybe

Years of skipping a warmup to jump right into the training? Probably

Years of rushing through training sessions? Definitely

I was experiencing back spasms so severe I thought surgery was
inevitable.  Eventually I had to get help from an orthopedic.

The conversion with the ortho went something like this… “Your body
will take care of you until about 40, and after 40 you need to take care
of it.”

He gave me relief that surgery wasn’t required but offered a STERN
warning to stop skipping the important stuff or I’d be back to see him
soon with a different answer.

To start focusing on the stuff I’ve inevitably ignored such as:

– Prioritizing sleep.
– Being conscious of stress levels due to volume associated with
– Accountability from a coach and following a set routine.
– Going to maintenance recovery sessions even when not in pain. (Chiro,
PT, and sports message)
– Prioritizing nutrition (Finally get 50lbs under my playing weight).

What I did in my 20’s I can’t do now in my 30’s.  It doesn’t mean
great training still can’t be accomplished, it needs to look a little

This more focused routine has added more pep to my step and is something
that I can maintain well into my 40’s.  It wasn’t until the pain
became unbearable where I knew that a real change needed to be made.  

Take the guess work out of your routine by hiring a professional.
Someone to prescribe exactly what’s needed and hold you accountable to
keep you in the game long term!

Training smart in your 40’s will have you feeling great in your
60’s.  There’s always a consequence – make sure it’s a positive

Dedicated to your success,

Dan Goodman

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