Thank You!💪

Hello TeamVH,

Summer is fast coming to an end (BOOOO), and that means our most of our
interns will be leaving us and heading back to school.  Let’s give
them a big VH round of applause!

This has been one of the best classes of interns we have ever had…and
that’s saying a lot considering ALL of our coaches at one point were

Did you know Big Mike was our very first summer intern in 2009?  

Over the years VH has become known for its internship program and helped
create what we believe is one of the best teams in all of strength &
conditioning.  Joey, Kat, Adam, Simone, Vinny, Alex P as well as
several others who have gone on to coach at the collegiate and pro

The program is now run by Coach Adam Menner and he has done an
outstanding job of getting the next generation of coaches ready for

If you haven’t noticed, we work out interns HARD!  I have no doubt
that they will have the tools they need to be successful in any area of
strength and fitness.  Everything from this point will be easy.

God luck to everyone and thank you for your time and effort.

Please respond to this email so we can let them know what a great job
they all did this summer to help make Varsity House one of the best gyms
in the country.  

Stay Strong,
Coach Joe

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